Medical marijuana sales hit one-year anniversary in Ohio

Close to 80,000 people in the state have been approved to buy medical marijuana
Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 11:29 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It is a highly competitive and highly regulated industry, and Ohio’s medical marijuana program is now one year old with just about 80,000 Ohioans registered as eligible to purchase marijuana for medical purposes.

Cultivators and processors who made it through the state’s thorough application process continue their work to meet the state’s high standards to produce a product that they hope provides relief for patients in Ohio.

At Firelands Scientific in Huron they are licensed as a cultivator and as a processor, which simply means they grow marijuana and then produce the products that end up on the shelves of state licensed retailers.

Cultivating procedures can be quite different from cultivator to cultivator, and while some growers have had success with indoor facilities that use elaborate lighting procedures, Firelands Scientific chose to grow marijuana in a greenhouse.

“We’ve been able to dial in a very consistent environment to maintain our target set points for humidity, light levels and temperature year-round,” said Firelands Scientific Lead Cultivator Sean Cifranic.

The decision to grow in a greenhouse takes advantage of natural sunlight that growers at the facility believe produces a better product, and it also worked well into their plan to build an environmentally friendly facility and process.

“We considered its use of electricity, its use of water and water runoff into natural streams and lakes,” Cifranic said.

Firelands Scientific uses advanced analytics as well as the staff’s fundamental knowledge to strive for continual improvement of the product.

The end result in all of this work has to be the patients needs and that’s the driving force in research and development in the processing aspect of the business.

“We want to drive our research and development and our discoveries to ensure patients have exactly what they need for their medications,” said Processing Lead Sean Wilkins.

Fireside Scientific has also received, from the state, a license to operate at the retail level, and while they have plans to build a facility next to their greenhouse in Huron, there is no timetable for the start of construction.

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