Police: North Dakota woman left 6 children with dead body

Police: North Dakota woman left 6 children with dead body
Amber Barrett, 32, of Fargo, is facing charges after police said she left six children with the body of a man who died of a drug overdose. (Source: Cass County Sheriff's Dept./KVLY/Gray News)

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY/Gray News) - Amber Barrett, 32, was arrested Thursday. She’s the Fargo woman accused of knowingly leaving a dead body at home with her two children and four of their friends.

According to the charges, she left the children with the body of a person who died from an overdose, KVLY reported. That person has been identified as Faruk Shahid.

Barrett is facing charges not only for child neglect but also for failing to report the death, according to documents filed Wednesday at Cass County District Court.

Fargo police officers responded to the home for a reports of an unresponsive man on Nov. 16.

Police said six kids inside the home told officers the man was their mother’s friend. The kids believed he overdosed.

Detectives spoke with Barrett, who said the victim was sweating and slurring his words when they met at a supermarket, which led her to believe he was possibly overdosing, according to court documents.

Barrett allegedly let him sleep on her floor. A few hours later, she saw him and was positive he was dead, yet left the house to go to work, leaving her six kids alone with the body, the documents stated.

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