Northeast Ohio police use bad driver as example of what not to do with snow on your car

Detective called the case one of the worst he’d ever seen.

Northeast Ohio Police use bad driver as example of what not to do with snow on your car

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -When Detective Ben Feltoon with the University Heights Police took to the department’s Facebook page this morning, he posted pictures of what not to do in winter weather.

The pictures he posted were from a stop the detective made last year after a snow storm.

In them, you can clearly see a driver who cleared off a tiny section of his front windshield and nothing else.

These images are of a vehicle that was stopped by one of our officers last winter on Meadowbrook Blvd. The driver...

Posted by University Heights Police Department on Monday, January 20, 2020

“It is definitely one of the worst that I have seen,” Feltoon said. “When I pulled him over, the driver told me he was running late to class and did not have time to brush the snow off his car. Instead he selfishly chose to endanger the safety of himself and everyone else on the road.”

Feltoon used the post to remind people that in the morning there are children trying to get to school and residents on the street that are at risk when you don’t clear off all of the windows on your vehicle.

“He was unable to see if anyone was next to him or behind him. This is especially dangerous at intersections or roads that have curves,” according to Feltoon.

The second picture, showing the rear of the minivan, you can see there was now way the driver could even see out of the back of his car.

“The driver was only able to see what was directly in front of him," Feltoon said. "He had no idea that I was behind him trying to pull him over for several seconds because he could not see my the flashing lights on my car. It wasn’t until he heard my siren that he thought he might have been getting pulled over.”

Besides being unsafe it can be costly.

Getting a ticket for not brushing off your car is considered operating an unsafe vehicle, a minor misdemeanor in Ohio, with up to a $100 fine.

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