Woman’s dog shot to death in backyard of her West side home, Cleveland police say

Woman's dog shot to death in backyard of her West side home, Cleveland police say

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland police are investigating the seemingly random shooting of a woman’s dog on the city’s West side.

The West 143rd Street homeowner filed a report with police, saying her dog was in the backyard when she heard one shot fired.

According to the report, the woman opened the backdoor to let the dog and noticed it run straight for his cage, leaving a trail of blood behind.

“Just opened the door and off he went,” says Brett Scampitilla, the dog owner’s father. “Heard a pop, came back in the house, laid in his cage, saw blood on his paw.”

Dog shot in Cleveland
Dog shot in Cleveland (Source: Provided to WOIO)

The woman then saw a gunshot wound to the dog’s side and took the pet to a veterinarian where he eventually died.

“She’s taking it kind of rough but that’s her baby,” Scampitilla says of his daughter, Michelle. “She don’t have no kids . That was like her child.”

Police canvassed the woman’s backyard and neighborhood in search of any evidence of the dog’s shooting, but their attempt in locating anything was unsuccessful.

“I don’t know why people would just shoot him. Like I said, there’s stupid people in the world. What can you do?” says Scampitilla. “Oh, I’m going to find them. I’ll find them. I know a lot of people. I’ll find out who did it.”

“The neighborhood’s not what it used to be when I first moved here 28 years ago,” says nextdoor neighbor Larry Frost.

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