ATF: 454 guns were stolen or lost from Ohio gun dealers and pawn brokers in 2019

Majority of guns missing, were of guns that are deemed missing not stolen.

ATF: 454 guns were stolen or lost from Ohio gun dealers and pawn brokers in 2019

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) released its year end report of the number of guns stolen or missing from licensed dealers and pawn shops in 2019.

The ATF breaks down all of the missing guns into four categories:

  • Burglary-guns that were stolen from a dealer or pawn shop that was broken into while closed.
  • Larceny-guns that were taken, usually by shoplifting, while a store is open and no threat was made.
  • Robbery-guns that were stolen during a robbery while the store was open and a threat was implied.
  • Loss-guns that were found to be missing from either inventory or after an ATF inspection.

In the U.S. in 2019, there were 12,815 guns, pistols, shotguns, revolvers and other firearms reported to the ATF as missing or stolen in the following categories:

  • Burglary-4,490
  • Larceny-912
  • Robbery-201
  • Loss-7,212

In the state of Ohio there were 454 guns reported stolen or missing by licensed gun dealers or pawn brokers in 2019.

  • Burglary-190
  • Larceny-28
  • Robbery-27
  • Loss-209

The numbers show the majority of the guns that went missing last year, both in Ohio and nationally, fall under the lost category.

These are guns reported by dealers that simply went missing and didn’t fall into the theft categories.

“Several different issues can get lumped together in the ‘missing” category,’" according to Suzanne Dabkowski, ATF spokesperson. “Sometimes a firearm has been transferred legally, but the licensed dealer cannot provide the paperwork to verify it. Other times, a firearm may have been shoplifted or taken in some other way that the dealer doesn’t realize the theft has occurred. Occasionally it is an issue of employee theft. When it cannot be determined exactly how the firearm went missing, it gets put in the missing category."

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