Cleveland police upping patrols as crime spree hits West 117th Street retail corridor

An attempted car-jacking at Home Depot is the latest in a string of frightening crimes.

Cleveland police stepping up patrols as a crime spree hits the W.117th Street and I-90 area

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland police were called to the Home Depot just off W. 117th Street in Cleveland on Wednesday, after a woman reported that multiple suspects tried to get in her car.

They couldn’t gain entry, and eventually ran away.

The attempted carjacking is just the latest in a string of crimes that has plagued the area in the last month.

In December there were two shootings in the same night, about 90 minutes apart, in the same spot on West 117th Street in front of the Home Depot.

Also in December, a Target customer was carjacked in the parking lot, after the suspects put a gun to her head and demanded she give up her car keys.

Those suspects eventually led police on a chase that ended in a crash in East Cleveland and took the life of a 13-year-old girl who was walking to the library.

There have also been three cars stolen, one at the Get-Go, and two more at the Shell station just across the street.

Victor Santiago is a life long resident of the area.

“I was over here just the other day, and a car pulled up and someone jumped out and stole a woman’s purse,” Santiago said.

Cleveland Councilman Brian Kazy says his office and Cleveland police are aware of the situation, and they continue to collaborate to assure the safety of everyone visiting the area to shop.

Kazy said there has already been an increase in Cleveland police patrols in the area.

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