Cuyahoga County corrections officer admits to repeatedly pepper spraying restrained inmate

He could face three years.

Corrections officer pleads

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The video is tough to watch. First, corrections officer Robert Marsh punches a woman strapped in a restraint chair.

At the same time in the background, Officer Idris-Farid Clark shakes his pepper foam can readying to use it, which he does repeatedly.

Clark came to court on Friday and entered guilty pleas to attempted felonious assault, a reduced charge.

He’s also accused of unlawful restraint and extortion for threatening other officers, saying he had videos of them that he would release if they implicated him.

He was found guilty and could face three years when sentenced in February.

His victim did not speak. An attorney saying, she would at sentencing.

Woman sprayed with pepper foam while restrained by corrections officers sues Cuyahoga County Jail

The proceeding was routine, but behind the plea, a lot of nuisances, clues that hint the culture of violence and punishment at the jail is beginning to change.

“I hope that every person working in the jail understands that there are consequences to their actions,” said a spokeswoman for the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, which prosecuted the case.

Cuyahoga County Sheriff David Shilling has pledged to change things at the jail.

Earlier this month, he opened the jail to cameras. He has taken a high-profile approach, making sure to be in court for the guilty plea.

The sheriff was asked if the staff is willing to change.

He said yes, the staff is onboard. The job is getting a buy-in from everyone adding, “Let the word go forth. We’re not going to tolerate any type of that behavior.”

The lesson seems simple, but if anyone didn’t get it, they should after Friday.

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