Rocky River police release video of traffic stop involving Kareem Hunt when officer found marijuana in his car

Rocky River police release video of traffic stop involving Kareem Hunt when officer found marijuana

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Police released video of the Jan. 21 traffic stop involving NFL Kareem Hunt.

The 2019 Cleveland Browns running back admitted to the officer who pulled him over that he would fail a drug test if prompted by the NFL.

According to the Rocky River police report, Hunt was pulled over for speeding on I-90.

The officer detected the smell of marijuana coming from Hunt’s car and asked him to step out.

Kareem Hunt taken out of car and led to police cruiser

Hunt was then placed in the back of the police cruiser while officers searched his vehicle.

He said he was speeding because he was trying to catch a flight.

Kareem Hunt put into back of police cruiser

“Small amounts of marijuana” were found in a backpack with Hunt’s name on it in the backseat, according to police. An emotional Hunt can be heard on police dash camera video saying he “lost everything.”

“I’ve been through a lot, officer. I’ve been through a lot,” Hunt repeated.

An emotional Kareem Hunt reacts after being placed in cruiser

Police seized Hunt’s backpack, which contained the marijuana, as evidence, according to the officer. He alleged the marijuana belonged to his brother.

Police seize Kareem Hunt's bag as evidence

The police officer lectured Hunt on the importance of making better decisions, especially with how the Willoughby South High School football star has made negative headlines lately.

“I hate to say this, but you of anybody should know if you’re trying to stay good, stay on the right path, this is not the way to go,” the officer told Hunt.

He responded and described to the officer what the NFL may do if he was charged with marijuana possession.

“I would be tested right away,” Hunt answered.

Kareem Hunt confession

Hunt also confessed to having an open bottle of vodka in the backseat of his car, but the officer said he didn’t seem impaired by alcohol.

“I should be playing for a freaking Super Bowl,” Hunt added. “It hurts my soul. Like you don’t understand I’ve been fighting a lot of s--- lately, man.”

**WARNING: This video contains explicit language**

Kareem Hunt says he should be playing for a Super Bowl

Hunt was initially cited for a minor misdemeanor traffic violation and was then sent on his way. He was not charged with any drug violations at the time. The officer said the city prosecutor could still charge Hunt with a drug offense.

Police say Kareem Hunt could still be charged with drug offense

The Cleveland Browns signed Hunt to a one-year contract for the 2019 season. He sat out for the first eight games of the season due to a suspension enforced by the NFL for his involvement in several physical altercations.

The Northeast Ohio native is an unrestricted free agent for the 2020 season.

Here is the entire video from Kareem Hunt’s traffic stop:

Police release video of traffic stop involving Kareem Hunt when officers found marijuana in his car

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