Longtime Cleveland councilwoman plans to step down

Cleveland City Councilwoman Dona Brady stepping down

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A longtime Cleveland councilwoman is stepping down.

Dona Brady is the second person to leave Cleveland City Council in the last three months.

Brady hasn’t said why she’s stepping down, but her announcement comes as the city considers cutting away council salaries and some seats.

She made the announcement after more than 20 years of service.

19 News archive footage shows Brady was outspoken at times.

However, lately we haven’t heard much from her, since the controversy involving a church helping homeless people in her ward.

On Christmas Eve, the city slapped a cease-use notice on the building’s door.

It said the church needed to make significant renovations in order to house the homeless people on location.

Tuesday on the phone, the pastor said the church appealed the city’s order, but is making improvements. She says what was most disappointing through the process was the lack of communication and/or support from Councilwoman Brady.

It’s unclear if that controversy has anything to do with Brady’s departure.

According to the City Charter, voters won’t get a say in who replaces Brady.

The council will pick someone to take her place until the next election in 2021.

We reached out to the councilwoman herself for an interview and never heard back.

According to the council’s spokesperson, Brady is expected to make a recommendation for her replacement at the council’s next meeting on Monday.

The city also says Brady is not leaving to accept a position within the administration.

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