2 Miami University students tested for possible coronavirus

Cleveland-area students, including one just back from an academic trip to China, are not overly concerned, but staying cautious.

2 Miami University students tested for possible coronavirus

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Two Miami University students, just back from a trip to China, where the coronavirus originated, have been tested for possible infection.

The students are isolated from the general campus population as they wait for test results to come back.

Jack McKee, a Miami student from Chesterland and a graduate of West Geauga High School, just returned with 25 other Miami students from China, where they were studying Asian financial markets.

“I’ve been back for about 4 days now and I am symptom free,” McKee told 19 News, “The health center on campus is only testing people if you have symptoms so at this point there is no reason for me to get tested and I am feeling just fine.”

The students who have been tested were not part of the group that was studying in China and McKee said he has been in contact with everyone in the study group and no one at this point has any symptoms.

The university released an email to parents of Miami students on Tuesday reporting that the two students had been tested, and urged any students showing symptoms and have traveled to the impacted area to call the University Health Center.

“One thing that has been emphasized between me and my parents is if I feel the slightest symptoms coming on, a runny nose or something like that, it’s not worth messing around with, so I am just keeping a really close eye on it,” McKee said.

Miami student Tori Roberts from Old Brooklyn and a graduate of St. Joseph Academy said the campus has been on high alert, but that most students realize that the there has been no confirmation that the students have contracted coronavirus.

“I didn’t expect the first reported cases in Ohio to be at Miami so obviously that is a little nerve wracking,” Roberts said. “It is definitely in the back of my mind that it is out there and I definitely have become more cautious.”

Butler county health officials say they are following all protocols and guidelines but made a point of reminding people that the cases are not confirmed.

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