Newly released picture may prove John Demjanjuk, who lived in Seven Hills, was a Nazi death camp guard

Israeli museum believes it does.

Newly released picture may prove John Demjanjuk was a Nazi death camp guard

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - John Demjanjuk is at rest in a cemetery near Cleveland.

19 News is not saying where for fear it could become a lightning rod for protests or vandalism.

He died in 2012 after legal battles that spanned 35 years.

But there has been no rest in the debate over Demjanjuk’s wartime role.

In Israel, he was convicted of being “Ivan the Terrible,” a conviction that was later overturned by the Israeli Supreme Court.

But the search for this “Ivan the Terrible” has never moved far from Demjanjuk.

Now, a photo has emerged from the Nazi death camp at Sobibor, a camp where John Demjanjuk was accused of serving.

One man appears to resemble Demjanjuk, but researchers at a German museum believe another is Demjanjuk.

In a second photograph, researchers identify one man as Demjanjuk, but another man has a prominent left ear much like what is seen on Demjanjuk’s Nazi ID card. It is a card Demjanjuk disputed, but one a federal judge ruled was legitimate.

At trial in Israel, Demjanjuk was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging in, what had been admittedly, a show trial focused on young people.

Classrooms were set up in the auditorium where the trial was held. The theme was “never forget.”

Federal investigators never forgot, and after Demjanjuk returned to the U.S. after the Supreme Court decision, they investigated his claim that he was too ill to go to Germany where he had been newly indicted. Their video showed him walking unaided to an appointment.

Just before he was sent to Germany, 19 News saw the same thing.

When will the Demjanjuk case be put to rest?

A better question likely is will it ever be put to rest?

Until it is, there are always questions and no rest for those who accuse him and his family, who steadfastly defends him.

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