Sex talks possibly headed to K-12 classrooms

Sex talks possibly headed to K-12 classrooms
One Kentucky lawmaker wants to require sex education in schools starting in Kindergarten. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - For some parents, explaining the birds and the bees to their kids is no big deal. For others, it can be a source of anxiety.

One Kentucky lawmaker wants to require sex education in schools starting in Kindergarten.

State Representative Lisa Willner proposed the bill, saying the rates of sexual abuse, assaults and acts of violence in relationships in our state are why children need to be educated at a younger age.

However, some parents have concerns, saying they’re not ready for their children to be hit with these topics.

“My wife and I both did it together and he was just like ‘why are you showing me this?’,” Freddie Brown said.

He described the first time he talked to his son about sex. “[He asked if this was appropriate], because the book went into detail.”

Brown had the talk with his three children when they were in fifth grade. The proposed bill wants to start bringing up that conversation in Kindergarten classrooms.

"Kids need an opportunity to be kids,” Brown said.

"If you can go home, see a commercial and see these things then why not let them know what it is,” Tiffany Hines, a mother of three said.

Hines had the talk with her children when they were seven years old. At first, she thought Kindergarten was too young. She then thought about a mistake she made, nicknaming private parts which could have been misinterpreted if a situation did happen.

“Pocketbook and peanut,” said Hines. “But then my mom told me you need to call it what it is so they would know.”

Both wondered the level of information public school students would learn.

Representative Willner said individual schools will design their own curriculum, then parents can review and choose to opt-in or out of the age appropriate lesson.

The topics vary from K-12 students, and cover social, emotional and mental health as well as relationships. For Kindergarten students, that includes knowing they can say no to anything making them uncomfortable.

Willner said teaching kids about gender roles and sexuality can help prevent bullying, underage pregnancies, and other issues.

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