Armed dad stops carjackers, follows them through Old Brooklyn neighborhood

Updated: Jan. 29, 2020 at 11:00 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A father from Old Brooklyn took crime-fighting into his own hands, and it has the neighborhood talking.

The man, who asked not to be identified, was returning home with his wife on Tuesday night when he noticed two men trying to break into his cars.

The father, knowing his daughter was home alone, took action.

“I had two pizzas on my lap, so I kind of threw them up on the dash,” he said.

As they approached him and his wife, the man pulled a gun on the suspects.

The two young men ran off. So, the dad hopped in his truck and followed them from his home on Buechner Avenue.

Surveillance video from his neighbor’s camera shows the man trailing the suspect.

“They were kind of like jumping through the yards, so I was catching a glimpse of them here and they would disappear for a second.”

He caught up to the crooks at an auto repair shop, then they ran and jumped into a waiting Chevy Traverse.

“I think we’re more angry than anything, it’s just like almost violating.”

There have been a number of carjackings and car-break-ins in Old Brooklyn recently. A woman was carjacked on the same block as this dad a couple days earlier, and about two weeks ago dozens of cars were vandalized.

“I think if we want to keep it a good neighborhood we’re gonna have to fight.”

He says he did call the police and was on the phone with dispatch as he was following the men. He describes them as between 18 and 24 and about 6-feet tall. One was wearing all black, the other white pants and a navy shirt. They both had black skull caps.

"I called my CCW instructor afterwards and I told him I was following him, and he said next time I would recommend you don't do that."

The Old Brooklyn dad says his family is still shaken up, and he’s already ordered surveillance cameras.

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