Return to sender; it’s a mail mix up as Twinsburg couple gets 55,000 pieces of mail

A college student loan processing company sent thousands of copies of the same statement.
Twinsburg couple receives 55,000 pieces of the exact same statement from a college student loan...
Twinsburg couple receives 55,000 pieces of the exact same statement from a college student loan company.(woio)
Updated: Jan. 31, 2020 at 10:52 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Dan Cain of Twinsburg grew a bit suspicious when the clerk at the Twinsburg Post Office told him he would not be able to get his mail through the front door of the postal office.

But he was beyond disbelief when he drove around to the back doors and saw a couple of postal workers wheeling out two huge bins of mail that was addressed to his Twinsburg address.

“I was shocked, are you kidding me, who makes that kind of mistake,” Cain said.

As it turns out the College Avenue Student Loan Company made the mistake.

Cain counted 79 plastic bins of mail each containing roughly 700 letters, all exactly the same, a statement for the student loan, he and his wife Dee, had taken for his daughters college tuition.

Thinking he was out of options, it took 2 trips in his truck to get all the letters to his home where they are now sitting in his garage.

The student loan company apologized for the mistake, blaming a glitch in a new outgoing mail system, and his postal carrier later told him he may have been able to tell the clerk at the post office to return the mail.

“I just may start a fire, a bonfire, and burn it all,” Cain said with a chuckle.

To add insult, the statements, all 55,000 of them were incorrect, the company had used the wrong interest rate to calculate the payment.

The company also apologized for that mistake and said, a bit ominously, that they would send another statement.

“I just hope it doesn’t happen again, I might just have to return to sender,” Cain said.

Cain was taking it all in stride although he was wondering how the company was taking the obvious waste of money involved, even with a bulk rate, he believes it must have cost the company thousands of dollars to send all that mail.

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