New Cleveland Browns GM was part of the 1-31 disaster, but Andrew Berry is a league favorite who could turn the page

Cleveland Browns introduce Andrew Berry as team's general manager

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Cleveland Browns’ Andrew Berry hire, here we go.

Cleveland Browns introduce Andrew Berry as team's general manager

Things I like:

  • It could be the fresh start the team needs. This appears to be the first time everybody in the front office is rowing the boat the same way since Mike Holmgren got to hire the coach and GM. Somebody will grumble “Well, how did that work out?” I don’t care. You can’t win with infighting, and the Browns have had too much of it over the years.
  • Everybody likes Berry. You can find people that will rip the Browns for going through this process again. Heck, it’s harder to find people that will not, but you cannot find people that will say anything bad about Andrew Berry. He is highly respected in the NFL. I keep going back to Philadelphia creating a role for him just to get him in the building. Carolina wanted him this year as well. He is in demand, this is not some random guy the Browns hired that no other team would have wanted.
  • Berry spent time with the Eagles. He was only there for the 2019 season, but that is still time spent with an organization that has recently won a Super Bowl, developed a young quarterback and has one of the better GM’s in the game, i.e., Howie Roseman. Berry can take that knowledge with him. He’s been in a building doing it the right way.

Things I don’t like:

  • This is low hanging fruit, but it’s still fruit. 1-31 did happen, and Berry was a part of it. In fact, he was considered the top football guy in the front office. Sashi Brown was not. Paul DePodesta was not. It was Berry. Maybe he did want to take Wentz or Watson. Maybe he did want to acquire the picks that teams were trading away to draft Goff of Mahomes. Maybe he didn’t like Corey Coleman or DeShone Kizer. Maybe he was just ignored by the analytics guys on all of that. It seems unlikely though. That stuff is on his resume. That does not mean it will happen again, but it did happen.
  • He is young and inexperienced. Berry has front office experience, but he has never been a full blown GM. That does not mean he can’t be a good one, it just leaves some room for error.

I do like this move, primarily because of how highly Berry is thought of in the league. That’s assuring because it removes the Browns from the equation. Many teams like him, not just them.

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