Thompson, Love size up “Big” trade

Addition of Drummond should help Cavs dominate boards

Thompson, Love size up “Big” trade

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Everyone expected the Cavs to subtract at the deadline ... at least big men ... but when the smoke cleared on Thursday afternoon, Tristan Thompson was still here, Kevin Love was still here, and two-time All-Star Andre Drummond was now here.

I asked Thompson on Friday if he was surprised and/or disappointed that he wasn’t traded.

“I’m happy to be here today," Thompson said following practice. “Koby (Altman, the Cavs’ GM) got another great ‘big’, one of the top centers in the league, so that’s gonna help our team a lot. I’m excited for him to get here. He FaceTimed me and Kev yesterday afternoon, so I’m happy for him to get here.”

Love, who had said all along that he expected to stay with the Cavs, probably because of the three years, $90 million remaining on his deal, was surprised that Drummond was added.

“I wasn’t expecting to be teammates with Dre', but I’m happy I am,” Love said. “I talked to him five minutes after the trade happened, and we’re gonna be ready to go.”

Love has the same agent as Drummond. And the same jersey number, "0″, which of course will now change ... for one of them.

“I would give it up to him, but I don’t think I’m allowed to,” Love said.

Instead, Drummond will wear #3, which, as Love jokingly pointed out, is the same number Dion Waiters used to wear with the Cavaliers.

Drummond is no Dion Waiters. He has at least 7 inches and 70 pounds on the former Cavs guard. Which brings up an interesting point. In a league where most teams are going smaller, the Cavs have gotten bigger. They should be able to dominate in at least one area down the stretch.

“We should probably be the best rebounding team, in the final 30 games, in the last 20 years of the NBA," Thompson said.

Thompson is handling this like a pro. He wish to be traded wasn’t granted. He’s headed to the bench, to back up Drummond. And yet, he insists, it was a great deal.

“For what they gave up (John Henson, Brandon Knight and a future 2nd round pick), I was like ‘that’s a f***g steal’.”

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