Bellevue and Norwalk schools respond to hair-pull takedown during basketball game

OSHAA officials issue statement over incident

Bellevue and Norwalk schools respond to hair-pull takedown during girls basketball game

BELLEVUE, Ohio (WOIO) - School officials in Bellevue and Norwalk are investigating an on-court, hair-pulling incident that occurred during a girls basketball game on Saturday.

The takedown was caught on camera and is now going viral.

In the video, a player from Bellevue took hold of a Norwalk player’s ponytail and violently ripped her to the ground during the game.

A referee, who was only feet away, missed the call. The hair-pull happened in front of the Norwalk bench, where the Truckers head coach can be seen on video yelling at the ref and getting his attention about the incident, before play was stopped.

We reached out to all parties concerning the incident. Norwalk Superintendent George Fisk said “First and foremost, I am concerned with the health of our injured student athlete. She is a fantastic, hardworking, young lady, and in no way deserved the aggressive unsportsmanlike action taken against her. I have been in contact with the administration of Bellevue City Schools, they have assured me that appropriate action will be taken upon the conclusion of their investigation. Additionally, it is my hope the Ohio High School Athletic Association will not remain silent and uninvolved in this situation.“

Athletic Director for Bellevue Schools, Brian Schubert sent 19 News this statement: “We are aware of the incident. As a school we promote positive sportsmanship and the situation is being addressed.”

The Ohio High School Athletic Association is aware of the incident and will not make a decision until Bellevue School takes action. OHSAA also admits the official near the hair-pull incident did miss the foul call, but will not be penalized.

In a statement, OHSAA wrote: “The OHSAA has seen the video of the incident and has spoken with both schools. We will see how Bellevue handles this incident before deciding on any other action.”

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