Summit County residents irked over sinkhole mess

Officials playing hot potato over who will make repairs

Hole of a problem: Summit County residents irritated over lengthy sinkhole issue

SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - The culvert on Kungle Road was once a link between Norton and New Franklin residents traveling north and south in Summit County. Now it’s nothing but a huge hole, and it’s turning into a big problem for residents who live nearby.

19 News first told you about this problem in June 2019. Heavy rains weakened the Kungle Road culvert and officials closed the road, which has been deteriorating ever since.

Two cities, Norton and New Franklin, as well as Summit County have been pointing fingers on who’s responsible for making the repairs.

Richard Duncan lives right across from the culvert, and he says the length of times it’s taken to fix the issue has been out of the ordinary.

“ is a little strange... but I certainly understand the predicament that everyone is in. No one wants to take responsibility for it. The cost to repair it is going to be exorbitant.”

Another resident, who didn’t want to be identified, says that drivers often ignore the “Road Closed” sign and end up using their driveway to turn around. That’s resulted in wear-and-team on their property.

For others, the closure has been a hindrance. “I have friends that live in New Franklin and I have a brother that lives by Clays Park, so yeah, it’s a major inconvenience to try and get around here.” says resident, John Cernik, who lives across the street from the culvert.

19 News reached out to Norton City Administrator, Robert Fowler. He responded saying, “Until jurisdictional responsibility has been established, I will not provide comment regarding this matter.”

19 News also called the New Franklin Mayor’s office, but they didn’t call back.

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