Lyft driver tried to prevent woman from exiting car, sprayed something making her ‘dizzy and light-headed’, according to Cleveland police report

Lyft driver tried to prevent woman from exiting car, sprayed something making her ‘dizzy'

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Police are investigating after a woman said her Lyft driver sprayed something in the car which made her feel ‘dizzy and light-headed’ and tried to prevent her from getting out of the car.

22-year-old Aerial Henderson says when she got to work at Hot Sauce Williams, she realized she didn’t have to be in, so she called a Lyft to take her back home.

“When I got in the car, he asked me my name," recalled Henderson. "He asked me where was I working at, how do I like working there, what’s my hours and when’s the next time I’m going back to work, still I wasn’t saying nothing to him.”

The 22-year-old Cleveland woman filed the report with Cleveland police after the alleged incident happened on Wednesday.

Henderson says she heard the sound of an aerosol can being sprayed in the front seat, but she didn’t see or smell anything.

“So, we go down Kinsman and I start hearing it again so right about when we got to 147th and Kinsman he turned off the Lyft app and canceled my ride, but I was never to my destination," Henderson said.

Henderson says that’s when she knew something wasn’t right.

“I started feeling light headed and I started feeling dizzy like I was about to pass out and I started hearing the spray can noises again," she said.

She says the car was stopped in traffic in the area of E. 134th Street and Kinsman Avenue, and when she tried to get out the driver reached into the back passenger seat with both hands and tried to stop her.

She says she was able to break away and ran into a nearby convenience store.

“I ran into the corner store screaming, ‘I need help! I need help!’ And I was throwing up everywhere because I was nauseous.”

According to the police report, the driver stayed in the area for about five minutes before driving away.

The victim went to University Hospitals, but was told by staff they were unable to run tests to see if she was drugged. Henderson says she thinks the man drugged her.

Cleveland Police are investigating the crime as an attempted abduction. Henderson describes the driver as bald and middle aged. He was driving a blue Toyota Camry and went by the name “Zac” on the app.

Henderson says she also filed a complaint with Lyft.

A Lyft spokesperson sent 19 News the following statement, ""Safety is fundamental to Lyft, and we take allegations like this incredibly seriously. We have deactivated the driver while we investigate this incident, and have been in touch with the rider to offer support. We stand ready to assist law enforcement with any investigation."

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