1 inmate captured, but 4 still on the loose in Stark County

Multiple Stark County inmates remain on the loose

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Four inmates are still on the run after escaping from Stark Regional Community Correctional Center.

Officials say Jason Drake, Joshua Bingham, Michael Fisher, Vincent Blanc, and Jaden Miller broke a window and ran off. Miller was caught in Carroll County Wednesday night.

“I think it’s kind of crazy. Like, how?” said Terri Ricosky, an inmate at the facility. She said she hadn’t heard much about it but couldn’t believe it. “We stay on the girls side, we really haven’t heard much about it. I don’t know how they would’ve did it because it’s a locked-down facility.”

She said the center helps them get on their feet after prison before going home. “It’s not that bad,” she said. “We get to wear our own clothes, we get to work our way of going home getting home passes and stuff after you’re there so long.”

She said there are roughly 100 male inmates. They stay as little as 90 days.

Some neighbors up the road said they didn’t even know it happened. “I haven’t heard nothing about it,” a resident said. He said they should have been notified.

But Bill Fitzgerald said he’s lived in the area near the facility almost his entire life and he’s never had a problem. “There’re no serious people there,” he said.

Miller was in for driving under suspension and not using signals before changing course.

Drake was in for burglary. Bingham was in for aggravated possession of drugs. Fisher was in for possessing drug abuse instruments and possession of drugs. Blanc was in for violation of a protection order.

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