New Lorain mayor, administration look to lower seething residents’ water and sewer bills

Lorain neighborhood swept up in water bill woes

LORAIN, Ohio (WOIO) - Some people in Lorain are furious about their water and sewer bills that have spiked over the last few years.

Tensions were at a fever pitch during Monday’s city council meeting in Lorain.

Lorain resident, Tia Hilton, has been very vocal about the high bills. She’s been directly affected with not one, but two increased bills.

Hilton spoke to a city official in January and she says, “They actually said that they were going to do a 90-day freeze on water and sewer rate increases, but it has not reflected people’s bills and people’s bills have actually went up.”

The issue is a tough task for newly-elected Mayor Jack Bradley. Six weeks on the job, Bradley is trying to calm the waters of a community that’s boiling mad.

Bradley told 19 News that his team is doing what it can now to ease the burden of the high bills, but it’s not an overnight fix. He said that he wants to find ways to prevent residents’ water from being shut off.

Bradley said that he’s consulted with a group that will try and find a way to lower rates for customers. That data should be concluded, Bradley hopes, by the end of the month.

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