Humane Society rescues nearly 50 dogs from Ashland home

Humane Society rescues nearly 50 dogs from Ashland home

ASHLAND COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Nearly 50 dogs had to be rescued from a home in Ashland County after reports of neglect. Neighbors reached out to authorities after seeing multiple dogs that seemed malnourished and fighting for food in the owner’s backyard.

Scott Rumset was the Good Samaritan that filed the police report.

“It’s an outrage I mean really you could see abuse and severe neglect,” said Rumset.

The Ashland County Humane Society confirmed that some of the dogs were underweight, while others had underlying health issues.

Roger Murray lives next door to the home.

“I would see them beating them with sticks and coat hangers we made an attempt to turn them in with the humane society,” shared Murray.

We knocked on the dogs’ owner’s home on West Main Street but no one responded.

“It was sad I’d seen dogs die and being buried in the backyard .... a sad situation,” said Murray.

After rescuing these dogs the Humane Society desperately needs donations.

If you would like to help these animals, you can drop off your donations to Claremont Veterinary Clinic on Claremont Avenue.

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