Bennett siblings displaced from moldy, smelly apartment are doing better thanks to sister’s employer

Bennett siblings displaced from moldy, smelly apartment are doing better thanks to sister’s employer

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - You guys reached out to help the Bennett sister and brother who were living in horrible conditions, and we thank you for that. They are doing much better today than they have been for a while. They are staying in a nice hotel for now with more help on the way.

Lu Wana Bennett and her brother are inseparable since their mother died in 2015, and they want to keep it that way.

“At first I was afraid my brother and me would be homeless and walking the streets. That was the worst-case scenario that I had.”

Lu Wana Bennett and her brother Ali don’t have to worry about being homeless, at least for the foreseeable future. One of her supervisors at Giant Eagle on Chagrin in Beachwood helped out.

“I was just overwhelmed. I just couldn’t believe it. I could believe his kindness and generosity. I broke down and I cried. I couldn’t stop hugging him. I was giving all my co-workers a hug. I was crying.”

Those tears of fear turned into tears of joy. Her good friend Karen Gotwald, who set up a Go Fund Me account for them, has some more great news.

"The first thing he did for them was after they had to leave the hotel where they had been staying was to come over here and put down a credit card and have them go from the hotel downtown to this particular place for the weekend so that they at least had that.

Wait, there more good news from Giant Eagle.

“They will do some research, find an apartment that is manageable for them, put down the down payment and pay the first month’s rent. I’m so touched by the generosity and kindness.”

"Talk about corporate responsibility it doesn’t get any better than this. Giant Eagle is helping Lu Wana and her brother Ali in terms of finding a place to stay. They still need your help, so please go to their Go Fund Me account and of course, we’ll keep you updated as to how they’re making or not.

Their Go Fund Me account has a little over $1200 in it. They need that and more because they have to replace almost everything they had to leave behind that was ruined in their old deplorable apartment at Hampton Road managed by KPL.

Picture of their old apartment
Picture of their old apartment (Source: WOIO)

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