Ohio teachers now have access to a new tool that could help protect your children from school violence

Stark County Sheriff and Marlington Schools Superintdent help Ohio Attorney General’s office launch

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A local school district helped develop a threat prevention training program announced on Wednesday by the Ohio Attorney General.

The officials are trying to prevent any more students from taking the lives of innocent classmates, or even their own.

The Stark County sheriff is a part of the online training videos made by the attorney general’s office.

The goal is is to spread the methods he and school administrators are using in his area to districts across the state.

“Here’s the first piece in Ohio that we can put out to our people, where they can learn to perfect their skills in prevention,” the sheriff said.

On Wednesday, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost unveiled the video training series.

It’s available for free to anyone, but the training specifically explains how teachers, administrators and SROs can spot the signs a student is having trouble.

“Only a tiny percentage of those situations are actually going to present some kind of an actual hazard, but you don’t know until you interact,” Yost said.

Marlington Schools Superintendent Joe Knoll spoke in Columbus about the threat assessment teams already working in his district to identify possible issues.

“To me, it’s the hardening versus heartening,” Knoll said.

The hardening, he says, is how to physically put more security in schools.

The heartening deals with making connections with kids.

“I believe if we are ever going to win the battle on mental health and wellness, it’s going to be with this heartening piece,” Knoll said.

In Marlington, Knoll says the teams are made up of both law enforcement officers and school faculty. Each brings a different perspective to a student’s behavior.

“We don’t try to identify a person that could bbring harm to the school,” the sheriff said. “We identify the person who’s having trouble.”

They do so hoping adults can then intervene, before a situation elevates too far.

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