Driver shot in the back crashes into garage and dies in Canton, triggering police investigation

Canton Police investigating after man shot in the back crashes into garage and dies

CANTON, Ohio (WOIO) - Canton Police are trying to piece together what happened after a man shot in the back while driving crashed into a family’s garage on Wednesday.

Investigators say the car came barreling through a yard on Struble Avenue.

At around noon on Wednesday, Skyler Ramos was standing out on his porch smoking a cigarette when all of the sudden he heard gunshots.

"I look and I see a car coming through this alley faster and faster speeding up, and then they come through the field and hit the garage,” said Ramos.

That car ended up crashing into Kimberly Randall’s garage. She lives in the home with her husband, three kids, and great aunt. Thankfully, no one was home.

“I'm still speechless,” said Randall. “Like, I'm still kind of shook up."

Police found the man unresponsive inside the car.

"If we was home I don't even know what I would've done, probably ran,” said Randall. “I'm just glad nobody was home, kids were at school."

Paramedics rushed the driver to the hospital where he died. Police have not released the victim's name and have not said if they have any suspects in the shooting.

"God was watching over us,” Randall said. “I just feel bad for the family that lost someone today."

If you have any information on this crime, contact Canton Police.

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