174-year-old home in Hudson is free, if you can move it

Home will be demolished if someone doesn’t take the 174-year-old house.

174-year-old home in Hudson is free, if you can move it

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The Hudson Historical Association is trying to save a 174-year-old home before the new owner demolishes it for a new building project by giving it away for free.

The property the 1846 Oviatt-Curtiss home sits on was recently sold and plans are to build two new homes on the lot.

To do that, the house at 1415 Middleton Road in Hudson, a terra cotta silo and other outbuildings would have to be demolished.

HISTORIC HUDSON HOMESTEAD APPROVED FOR DEMOLITION At the City of Hudson’s Architectural Historic Board of Review (AHBR)...

Posted by Hudson Heritage Association on Monday, February 10, 2020

The 2,000 square/foot historical home can be saved if someone pays to move the entire house, or disassembled it and move it to a new property.

If anyone does that, they get the home for free according to HHA.

“In 1801, John Oviatt, one of Hudson’s original settlers, purchased the then-190-acre lot in the presence of David Hudson,” the HHA website said. “Around 1818, Oviatt acquired an adjoining lot to the east, producing a sizeable full working farm of 320 acres.”

President of HHA Chris Bach said the article about the free home has only been up since Saturday morning and already 75 people have contacted them to say they are interested.

“To call it a rare opportunity would be an understatement,” the HHA website says. “One historic farmhouse, gently used, packed with charm and history, in pristine condition – free to a good owner.”

According to Bach a rough estimate on what it would cost to move the home is somewhere between $40,000-$50,000 but there are many factors that could influence the price like where the home is moved to, and permits needed to do so.

“This house is in excellent condition and is ready for a glorious renovation in a new location,” Bach said. “There is a centuries-old tradition in Hudson of moving homes to new locations. It would be wonderful if an owner stepped forward to save this remarkable, historic structure and give it renewed life in a new location. Demolishing this house would be a tragedy.”

Anyone interested in the home should contact HHA at info@hudsonheritage.org.

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