Emergen-C nixes the idea of ‘quarantinis’

‘We do not recommend taking any of our products with alcohol’

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(Gray News) – It’s a clever play on words, but the folks at Emergen-C aren’t endorsing the internet ‘quarantini’ fad.

Social media has been flooded with the notion of a quarantine martini or quarantini.

Marilyn Starkloff posted a picture of the concoction to her Twitter account.

“Time for a quarantiniii,” she said.

To which Emergen-C replied, “We do not recommend taking any of our products with alcohol.”

The people at Aviation American Gin embraced the libation.

“We're sorry about this @emergenc but also big fans,” the liquor company said on Twitter.

Later, Aviation backed off, just a bit, on its endorsement of the quarantini.

“While everyone should take precaution during these times we do not recommend having a 'Quarantini' or any alcohol if you're feeling under the weather,” the Ryan Reynolds-owned liquor brand said.

“If you're feeling fine and of legal drinking age, a little extra Vitamin C consumption doesn't hurt.”

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