Police bust T-rex that violates Spain’s virus lockdown

Stay at home

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(Gray News) – Cabin fever can make folks do some strange things.

Like some parts of the United States, Spain is under a state of emergency. The people of the country are under lockdown.

Last week, Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez implemented a 15-day state of emergency.

Under it, people are only be allowed to leave their homes to buy food and medicine, commute to work, go to the bank, get medical care or take trips for the care for the young and the elderly.

With those rules in place, Murcia police did a doubletake when they found a man in a T-rex costume roaming the city streets.

The department posted a video of the encounter to the "Theme from Jurassic Park."

“During the (state of) alert, pets are allowed to walk accompanied by a person, always with short walks to relieve themselves,” their tweet said. “Having a Tyrannosaurus rex, is not covered.”

The video ends with the words, “Quedate en casa,” or “Stay at home.”

The man in T-rex costume is seen skulking down the street, presumably back to his home.

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