Tri-C donates N-95 masks and other personal protection equipment to help battle COVID-19

Tri-C donating medical supplies to health professionals

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - College classes are not taking place right now because the schools have been closed by order of Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

With that in mind some of the medical equipment they would normally use to teach is just sitting around.

Tri-C had a better idea, donate it.

We all know that there is a major shortage of life-saving equipment used by doctors, nurses and others who are on the front line in the fight to defeat the coronavirus.

Cuyahoga Community College Police Chief Clayton Harris says “Tri-C has always been for the community, and the community has always been for Tri-C...We went through all of our programs, our nursing programs, our massotheraphy, the EMT programs and pulled all the things we think the county needs, brought them all here.”

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