Westside Flea creates ‘Little Pantry’ to help families during coronavirus

North Olmsted’s little library turning into a little food pantry during the coronavirus pandemic

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WOIO) - As communities find ways to deal with the changes associated with coronavirus, countless people and organizations are stepping up to help one another.

In North Olmsted, the local flea market has set up a food pantry for their community. They transformed their lending library into a donation food bank.

Becky Vranesevic, with the Westside Flea, said, “We’re all in this together, so we thought what better way to help people out that might really need it during these hard times.”

Items are donated by neighbors and anyone who needs a food item can come and pick it out from the pantry.

It’s the same concept behind the lending library, give a book, take a book, but this week they decided to turn it into a pantry for those who may need something more.

“Since everybody’s going through rough times with the virus and everything, we decided to temporarily turn our little library into a little pantry,” Vranesevic said. “Yesterday we filled up the pantry with canned goods and non-perishables.”

The Flea also holds food drives every summer.

Vranesevic said she’s seen the North Olmsted community come together during this time.

“We’ve seen a lot of people in the North Olmsted Facebook groups offering to pick up prescriptions for elderly residents, or go grocery shopping.”

She and her vendors are still unsure of their own future at the flea. They’re supposed to open for their 6th season on June 13. As of now, they’re still waiting to see if that can happen.

“A lot of our vendors rely on the Flea to pay their mortgage and feed their families and things like that, so we’re really keeping an eye on how things are moving ahead.”

The Little Pantry is located in the North Olmsted community park near the gazebo.

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