IT workers adding servers to expand capacity of state’s unemployment website, allowing more people to file claims

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IT workers adding servers to expand capacity of state’s unemployment website

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News is still receiving calls and emails, about issues using the state’s unemployment website.

19 News investigators have been forwarding them directly to officials in that office and working to find a solution.

Thursday afternoon the Lt. Governor addressed what the department is doing to help the site run smoother.

He said that IT workers are adding servers, attempting to increase the website’s capacity.

In taking to website developers, 19 News discovered that the unemployment office site isn’t the only one experiencing technical difficulties this week.

Ryan Williams is a website developer at a company called Stream 9 in Cleveland.

He says even large providers like Netflix have gone through outages, because of high demand to use the sites.

“Even very large providers, who are prepared for large volumes, are experiencing problems,” he said.

Thursday afternoon, the state’s website that contains information about the coronavirus was also overloaded and wouldn’t allow people on it.

The unemployment website is back up after completely crashing on Monday.

Lt. Governor Husted said the latest numbers show that 400,000 people attempted to visit the site on given days this week.

“I’d have to imagine it is unprecedented, but they’re taking steps to fix it,” Williams said.

Those trying to file unemployment certainly hope they are.

“This message is being received and heard,” Husted said.

Williams said, “Just like we hope that the spread of the virus will flatten, that the demand for the system will flatten as well too. I would say just try to be patient.”

To calm some fears, Lt. Governor Husted also reminded people that they will be paid retroactively. So, do not panic if you cannot get through the system in a timely manner.

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