Northeast Ohio companies create the ‘Klean Room’ to make takeout safer

Northeast Ohio companies create the ‘Klean Room’ to make takeout safer

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio (WOIO) - The coronavirus crisis has many local businesses coming up with creative new ways to keep customers safe.

A group of locals put their heads together and invented something that makes picking up your takeout food cleaner and safer than ever before.

If you’re wondering about the giant box outside of Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in Strongsville, it’s called the Klean Room and it’s the first of its kind.

The invention, created in Northeast Ohio, features a sanitized box with doors on either side.

The restaurant employee opens a door on one side and places your takeout food inside the sanitized box.

The customer then puts on hand sanitizer and opens the door on the opposite side to retrieve their order. The process eliminates all face-to-face contact.

Shinto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar- Strongsville is making carry out safer for customers during the #coronavirus crisis. They are using cutting edge technology created by two local businesses. Full story tonight only on Cleveland 19 News. #supportlocal

Posted by Kelly Kennedy on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Mike Dillard is a regular at Shinto. He was shocked when he saw the Klean Room out front Wednesday.

“I think it’s awesome,” Dillard said. “Today’s the first I heard of it. As far as I know nobody else is doing it other than Shinto, and I think it’s tremendous.”

Dillard said since the coronavirus began, he’s felt a little nervous when it comes to picking up his dinner.

"So, if I saw more places like this, I’d be even more inclined to visit them,” Dillard told us. It was created right here in Northeast Ohio.

It’s a collaboration between two companies; Trikastl Enterprises in Olmsted Falls and vent heating and cooling in Hinckley.

"As soon as this conversation started about shutting down bars and restaurants and social distancing, we started talking about ways that we could help,” said Tom Vanover, developer with Trikastl Enterprises.

Vanoever says they created this specifically to manage the coronavirus crisis.

“It also uses air scrubber and UV technology, which is currently what hospitals use to disinfect rooms,” explained Vanoever. “There’s no guarantee and this has not been tested to kill COVID-19, but we do know that it kills several other viruses and germs.”

The restaurant wants to remind customers to use this hand sanitizer before even opening the door to get their food. The creators of the Klean Room are hoping to bring this to other restaurants in the area in the coming days.

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