Local bowlers staying in a whole new lane

Makeshift setup keeps 'em throwing strikes

Local bowlers staying in a whole new lane
bowling outdoors (Source: Tony Zarrella)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Rick Parschen and Mike Taylor and Steve Zbin and Rick Theberge have just a few “300” games between 'em.

191, to be exact.

So it didn’t surprise anyone that Parschen, who has bowled 141 of those perfect games, set up a makeshift bowling lane in his front yard to, you know, keep the juices flowing.

It’s a bit bizarre, but it works.

“Well, it is", said Parschen, “Especially when your neighbors walk by and say to me ‘what are you doing?’. They think I’m crazy, but I’d rather have them think I’m crazy, than me tell them I am."

All it took was a little bubble wrap, a little cardboard, and a trash can. Yes, they put their arm braces on, and yep, they use real bowling balls. Why not? They have plenty.

“I buy two or three a year, and probably get rid of three or four a year,” Theberge says.

So which one do they use on a bumpy outdoor lane like this?

“One of the oldest ones in my garage,” Theberge said with a laugh.

Makeshift bowling alley
Makeshift bowling alley (Source: Tony Zarrella)

A regulation bowling lane is 60 feet long. Obviously, this lane isn’t 60 feet long. But we’re all adjusting distances these days, and while it’s good for just getting together and sharing a few laughs, it also serves another purpose.

“Timing," Parschen says. “Footwork and timing. Combining the upper body and lower body, timing together.”

“Part of bowling is getting used to the ball,” Taylor says. “If you haven’t bowled in a while, the ball feels like it’s 50 or 60 pounds. So this is just continuing to work with the bowling ball.”

Someday they’ll be back on the real lanes. Until then, even a pandemic can’t stop 'em from doing what they know, and love, best.

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