21-year-old Akron woman diagnosed with COVID-19 says it was ‘10 times worse than the flu’

21-year-old Akron woman diagnosed with COVID-19 says it was ‘10 times worse than the flu’

AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - Hundreds of people across our state have tested positive for COVID-19, and its affecting people of all ages. One young woman from Akron has been battling the virus for nearly two weeks and she is finally feeling better.

Christine Howard says a little less than two weeks ago she felt her normal seasonal allergies coming on, but then things took a sudden turn.

"So I waited it out and then that Sunday I spiked a fever at like 5 a.m. it was about 100.7,” Howard said.

She said she started to feel pressure in her chest and she was having difficulty breathing. So, she went to the emergency room. But she was sent home after being told she had an upper respiratory infection.

“It was super scary,” she said. “I never felt like that before and I don’t have asthma or anything, so I was freaking out. It definitely does affect your breathing.”

The Akron woman says when she still didn’t feel better she did a virtual visit with a doctor and they advised her to do a drive-thru test at the Cleveland Clinic.

"It was a little intimidating, I felt like I was in a scary movie for sure,” Howard said.

Five days later she got the phone call she was dreading. Howard tested positive for COVID-19.

"I’ve never felt that kind of sickness before, like I would not wish that upon anyone,” Howard said. “I’m lucky 13 days into it now, so I still can’t smell it, taste and I’m very congested and still coughing.”

She wants to remind everyone, even young people to take this seriously.

“I think my message would be even if you don’t think it’s a big deal for yourself think about everybody that you love: your mom, or your dad or your grandparents,” said Howard. “We’re staying home for people whose immune system cannot support this virus.”

She says she was really sick for about 8 days to where she couldn’t get out of bed. Now 13 days into her first symptoms and she is almost back to normal

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