Non-Profits Losing Funds During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Local charities trying to stat afloat during difficult times

Non-Profits Losing Funds During The Coronavirus Pandemic

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO)- Non-profits were created for times like this.

The United Way of Greater Cleveland is on the front lines of the Coronavirus fight. Their mission fits right into serving the community. But those funds used to help propel those efforts for other non-profits to assist, are slowly running dry.

Nancy Mendez is VP of Community Impact with the United Way. She says, “We have a lot of people that all of sudden have found themselves out of work. And they are some of our most vulnerable individuals, living paycheck to paycheck as it is. And now they need the most basic needs.”

Basic essentials like food. Working with food banks, they’ve adjusted to drive-thru pick-up for individuals, even delivering food packages to families. But there have also been challenges, especially not being able to have face-to-face counsel with those who are dealing with domestic violence. “If an individual finds themselves in a situation where they’re feeling unsafe in their home... and with remote work, and with people living quarantined, that’s a real big concern.” says Mendez.

Another worry for the group is keeping its staff and volunteers safe. “Both the individuals that are working and volunteering to help people in need...are also safe like the individuals that are receiving the services,” says Mendez.

The spring is the time of the year when the United Way has its fundraising events. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, those funds to help keep things running, are slowly being depleted. “It’s a very popular time to hold special events and annual meetings so that you can bring in those extra dollars that are so crucial to be able to provide those services in the community. Now that everyone is working remotely, the budgets are really every dollar that’s donated will go a long way.”