'One-Man-Parade’ spreading hope in Lakewood during coronavirus pandemic

Alex Sheen makes homemade signs and displays them at senior centers

'One-Man-Parade' spreading hope in Lakewood during coronavirus pandemic

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WOIO) - Alex Sheen’s message is simple but powerful:

“People still care about you, don’t give up hope.”

Sheen is the founder of a non-profit group, Because I Said I Would. But in this instance, he’s working solo.

He calls himself the “One-Person-Parade,” taking care to #socialdistance from others but still spreading hope and cheer with his homemade signs.

Sheen got the idea after Governor Mike DeWine’s stay-at-home order to slow down the spread of coronavirus. He wants to make sure people aren’t forgotten, like those at local senior centers. He’s walked around his Lakewood neighborhood at least four times holding his signs.

“The governor’s saying go for walks, that’s fine but do it by yourself. So I was going on walks already and thought well, why not, try to bring a little hope to those in a darker moment," he said.

His message has been well-received from many in the community. 19 News cameras were rolling as he walked up and down Detroit Avenue Monday morning.

“It’s wonderful. The United States is very good," said one resident from Westerly Apartments.

Sheen said he’ll keep going for as long he can.

“Trying to encourage people to realize that sometimes it’s darkest before the dawn,” he said.

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