Tips to stay sane with the shelter in place order

Tips to stay sane with the shelter in place order

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -While some adults are still working a certain number of hours a day, others are at home with literally nothing to do to keep their mind occupied.

During times like this, many begin to dwell on how bored and miserable they are and how they’re feeling panicked.

Dr. Chris Brown says to make sure you don’t fall into that trap. “You can sprawl a pretty good case of anxiety if you do that,” said Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown is a board member of the Resurrecting Lives Foundation. The Ohio based non-profit helps veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury. Brown and the organization’s founder, believe a lot of these tips will be useful during this time of isolation.

“Use a moment to kind of re-center yourself you know and find like I said, name five things that you're thankful for,” said Brown.

Whether it’s breathing, walking, listening to music, praying, or meditating, do what works for you and relaxes you. Make sure you don’t become too relaxed where your day is spent on the couch eating.

Brown says making a daily list to-do list is the best way to not fall into that trap.

Dr. Brown said, “It may be better to get up in the morning, maybe do a little light exercise, eat your breakfast and get one or two things that you can accomplish within that day. It kind of gives you that sense of accomplishment like you’re doing things.”

He says adding something different to your list is also very much encouraged. For example, learning a new language, painting, or knitting.

If you’re living all alone with no family close by, Brown suggests to maybe call or face time them, more often or check-in with people you haven’t spoken to in quite a while.

“Last night, I connected with friends, one of the guys I haven’t seen in like five years from my medical school class, said Brown.

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