Family Craft Time! Make Friends with Rocks

How to make Friends with Rocks

Family Craft Time! Make Friends with Rocks
Make Friends with Rocks (Source: Make Friends with Rocks)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - By Zachariah Durr

Family craft idea: Make Friends with Rocks

Craft time! You can never have enough friends, so why not make some new ones? In this simple art idea, we're going to make friends with rocks.

“Craft Time!” is a special series, bringing you art activities that kids and adults can do together.

Today we’re going to show you that making friends couldn’t be easier – we’re going to make friends with rocks.

The great thing about making rock friends is that your future friends are virtually everywhere – just step outside. Chances are, you normally aren’t really paying attention to rocks, they just lay around, keeping to themselves. Why not take a few home, and give them some personality with a little paint and imagination?

How to make friends with rocks:

  1. Go outside and find some rocks that have A) an interesting shape, and B) have a fairly smooth surface. Rocks that are gritty or sandy can be tough to paint, or worse, ruin your brushes.
  2. Wash off the rocks with warm water, and some mild soap. Dab off the water, and then let them completely dry on a paper towel, or dishcloth.
  3. Once the rocks have dried, pick one with a shape you like. Put the rock on a sheet of paper, and using a marker or crayon, trace the shape of the rock.
  4. Now you can make a plan! What will you put on your rock? A face? An animal? You can make it whatever you want! Using the outline, draw what you’d like to paint on your rock. You can even use markers, crayons or paint to choose your colors.
  5. Time to paint the rock. If the colors look dull, mixing a little white paint with the color can help brighten it up. Careful, you don’t need too much white. If you are painting layers of color, be sure to let the paint dry first. A hairdryer (set on low) can help speed things up.
  6. Now that you have your amazing painted rock, you can add any accessories you want! Pieces of felt, construction paper, pom-poms, feathers, googley eyes…you name it. Just use a little glue, and get creative.

There you have it! Now you can fill your room with little friends, animals, monsters, and everything in between. Have fun!

Here are some more ideas to get your brain going:

Two little pieces of felt can turn your rock into a penguin or an owl. Two rocks together can tell a story, or event three. Event the simplest face can bring a rock to life.

Rocks (Source: Rocks)

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