EVS worker for MetroHealth System called an everyday hero

Trusty MetroHealth mom becomes the latest everyday hero

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - An environmental control services worker for MetroHealth System is being called an everyday hero.

The words clean, wash, sanitize, and disinfect, are part of our daily routines, but Billie Shamblin is also doing that job in the hospital.

Her daughter, Sheena Tabanj, says, “She gets up, she goes in and she cleans, and she makes the place a better place.”

“I know she’s not going into rooms and interacting with patients. She still matters so much and to me that’s amazing to know that she doesn’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to take care of people,” said Tabanji.

Even before COVID-19, Tabanji considered her mom a hero for loving what she does and showing others the true meaning of dedication.

Tabanji said, “People look at cleaners in maybe a not so positive light, but I think they forget to realize they bust their backs every day. They go in there to make sure that we, wherever we may be, have a clean environment to be around.”

“I get nervous. What if something were to ever happen to her or not even just for her, if she was to bring it home to someone else or be a carrier even,” said Tabanji.

At the end of the day, Tabanji knows her mom is strong, is being safe, and is keeping everyone smiling.

“She’s got this one of a kind personality. She kind of brings people into her and people just love her no matter what," said Tabanji.

If there’s someone you want to recognize as an everyday hero who’s on the front line helping us get through these tough times, send us an email to hero@woio.com.

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