Several Ohioans struggling after being denied unemployment benefits because they don’t meet minimum income requirements

Several Ohioans struggling after being denied unemployment benefits

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - As we continue to hear about issues reaching someone in the unemployment office, some of those who have filed claims say they still can’t get benefits.

When Alex Spoerndle lost her job at a bar in Medina, she filed for unemployment benefits to help get her and her girls through.

“When you get that denial letter, it’s just like a stab in the chest,” she said.

Shortly after being denied benefits, she learned it was because she didn’t meet the minimum income to qualify for benefits.

“Just the fact of not being able to do this on my own for my kids is really heartbreaking,” she said.

Even though people have to file for unemployment benefits through the state, many of the qualifications are set by the federal government.

The minimum income is one of the things that the state can’t change without approval.

According to ODJFS Director Kim Hall.. in order to receive someone would have had to make more than $269 a week working at least 20 hours.

“The legislature did not include the adjustment that would allow states to adjust that threshold,” Hall said. “We’re hearing a groundswell of feedback in that space so perhaps the feds will continue to examine that and consider incorporating that into a future package.”

Meggan Maniche also recently lost her job as a nail tech in Beachwood.

She couldn’t get unemployment benefits either.

“Someone who works part-time or full time, nobody is better than the other person,” hse said. “I feel like everyone deserves some sort of something.”

Luckily, her husband is still working. She’s worried about others who aren’t as fortunate.

“To be fair to everybody, everyone should qualify,” she said.

Right now, Spoerndle’s saving grace is her customers. They’ve stepped up to make ends meet.

“That’s one amazing positive thing out of all of this is just how people around me have come together to make sure that me and the girls are okay,” she said.

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