Wickliffe-Based, Lubrizol Pledging $2 Million To Help Fight Coronavirus

Has Sent $325,000 To Lubrizol Staff In China For Supplies & Safety

Wickliffe-Based, Lubrizol Pledging $2 Million To Help Fight Coronavirus

WICKLIFFE, Ohio (WOIO)-Lubrizol Corporation in Wickliffe is putting its money where its mouth is.

The over 90-year-old company is pledging $2 million to aid efforts to fight Covid-19 in Ohio and beyond.

Not only is Lubrizol based in Northeast Ohio, but they also have offices both domestically and in 17 countries worldwide. So when Coronavirus effected their workers in China, they sent over $300,000 worth of supplies to assist them. Now they’re ramping up production to give even more. “What the crisis did do was to allow us to redirect our resources to support our customers who make those materials and who makes those finished goods. So we’ve realigned some of our production priorities to support the customers who are making products. To support the customers who are making PPE’s out of our plastics.” says President of the Lubrizol Foundation, Beth Grove.

Within that 2 million dollar pledge, the company says the funds will also benefit food pantries around the state, the country and internationally. Grove says, “We are making donations to the most immediate needs and that’s with the food banks in all of the communities where we do business... not just here in Ohio, but nationally and globally.”

And even while Lubrizol is taking care of those in need, they’re also keeping safety a priority for their front line workers. “We have a pandemic team that has put in place a lot of procedures in order to keep our employees in the plant safe. For example, more use of PPE, distancing between employees, having fewer employees in a facility at all given time and making sure everyone is washing hands, making sure there’s lots of hand sanitizer available.” says Grove.