Bay Village family using 3D printer to create more comfortable masks

Bay Village family uses 3D printer to make mask brackets

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (WOIO) - Medical professionals across Northeast Ohio need to wear masks while they fight coronavirus and treat patients.

However, wearing them for such an extended period of time can be uncomfortable.

A Bay Village woman has found a solution to help.

Katherine Golden and her family are making brackets using 3D printers to hold the elastic on the masks.

The mother of two said after talking to many healthcare workers, she discovered wearing the masks, held by elastic behind the ears, can irritate the skin.

She said the brackets “will help them be able to go to work and do better at their job because they’re not focused on the pain behind their ears.”

Golden said, “the first lady who picked them up, she said it was the first day in weeks she didn’t have any pain behind her ears because of this bracket.” They’re donating the brackets to whoever needs them and spreading the word on social media. So far, Golden and her family has made about 200. “I’ve always wanted to do something to give back and help and when I saw the link for the 3D print, I thought that’s what we could do.”

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