Doctors urge we maintain social distancing during Passover and Holy Week

Positive news from the state regarding the flattening of the COVID-19 curve leads to concerns people may let their guard down to visit extended family.

Doctors urge we maintain social distancing during Passover and Holy Week

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - We are in the midst of one of the holiest weeks of the year, for members of the Jewish faith who are celebrating Passover and for Christians getting ready for Good Friday and Easter.

It is traditionally a time we want to spend with family, extended family, that we may not have seen in quite a while but the concern is that good news from the state regarding the successful flattening of the COVID-19 curve may lead some to dismiss our best social distancing practices.

“We’re not so much flattening the curve as completely squashing the curve here in Ohio, which is fantastic,” said Dr. Amy Edwards, an Infectious Disease Specialist with University Hospitals.

Dr. Edwards believes the often painful, hard work of Ohioans has saved thousands of lives and she wants to make sure we keep our best social distancing practices at work during this special week.

“I understand how important these holy days are for these religions, and I don’t want to minimize how difficult that is, but this year is not the year, this is not the time,” she said.

Governor Mike DeWine, understanding the significance of this week, was crystal clear, that church services should not be part of our plans.

“I don’t know of any religion that teaches you that you should do things that endanger, seriously endanger, other people,” said Gov. DeWine.

Dr. Edwards explains that letting our guard down in a fight against a virus that has an extended incubation period could be tragic.

“If we let up too soon we do risk a resurgence of this virus and that would just be devastating,” she said.

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