Marathon champ has uplifting message

Westlake’s Sarah Horbol encouraging others to stay active

Marathon champ has uplifting message
Sarah Horbol (Source: Tony Zarrella)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - There is one thing you can still do in this day of shutdowns and separations.


And nothing stops Sarah Horbol from running.

Cleveland Marathon champ has uplifting message

“It’s kind of like an escape in a sense,” Horbol says. “From the rest of my life. When I walk out the door, I can forget about work, I can forget about my To-Do list or anything that might be stressing me out ... especially right now, with the coronavirus situation, it’s nice to just be able to put on my running shoes and get out the door and you know, not think about that.”

But it’s more than that, of course. Two years ago, she parlayed her passion into a win at the Cleveland Marathon.

“It was very surprising that I won,” recalls Horbol. “I exceeded my own expectations that day, because going into the race that day I wanted to break 3 hours, which I had done once before, and I ended up running a 2.51 and winning!”

Sarah Horbol in Twin Cities Marathon
Sarah Horbol in Twin Cities Marathon (Source: Sarah Horbol)

Horbol topped that later in the year at the Twin Cities Marathon, qualifying for this year’s Olympic Trials in Atlanta in late February.

“Indescribable,” she says. “A priceless experience. It was awesome.”

Awesome enough to try again in a few years? Maybe. In the meantime, marathons are on hold, but her running is not.

And that win here in Cleveland in 2018?

She was ahead of her time, distancing by much more than today’s ‘norm’ of 6 feet.

She won by 6 minutes!

“I did,” Horbol says with a laugh. “I cleared the 6-foot distance.”

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