Avon Lake athlete still swinging away

Liv Crimaldi holding out hope for softball season

Olivia Crimaldi

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - You’ve got to keep swinging. A season on hold can’t change that. Besides, even if Spring is wiped out, there should be Summer ball.

Either way, Olivia Crimaldi is going to do what she’s done for 13 years. Hit a softball. Into a net in her backyard. With her father Steve pitching.

Liv Crimaldi
Liv Crimaldi (Source: Tony Zarrella)

It’s what there is at the moment. But ... there are some very important people missing. Her Avon Lake high school teammates.

Liv Crimaldi and Avon Lake teammates
Liv Crimaldi and Avon Lake teammates (Source: Steve Crimaldi)

“You know, it’s our last season for the seniors,” Crimaldi says. “So it’s really a bummer. We were looking forward to kind of ending our senior year playing a game I love with the friends I love. But I understand. We have to do our part. It’s (Covid-19) bigger than all of us.”

“I feel for all the kids,” her father Steve says. “I think it’s about the camaraderie. We all get locked in ... I’ve coached for years ... and we all get locked in about the winning and losing, but it’s about the camaraderie ... I feel bad for them.”

Liv Crimaldi
Liv Crimaldi (Source: Steve Crimaldi)

So for now, there’s this. Dad pitching in the backyard, Liv keeping her skills fresh.

But there are some things that Dad can’t duplicate. A prom. A graduation. Moments high school seniors may never get back.

“We don’t know when prom’s gonna happen, if graduation’s gonna happen,” Liv says. “It’s on a touch-and-go basis, but I hope it’ll be rescheduled.”

In the meantime, just keep swinging.

“Just keep doing what you can,” Liv says. “Keep up hope, and do our part.”

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