Experts say people working from home need to make sure they are practicing good posture

Virtual physical therapy under way in Northeast Ohio to keep people healthy

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Notice a new back pain or crink in your neck?

Most of our home office setups are much different than what we had at work.

Owner of Balanced Solutions Kelly Beaudoin says that If you are working from home it's important to maintain correct posture.

“Generally, sit all the way back in the chair, feet resting on the floor. You want your arms relaxed at your side, and not reaching or extending towards the keyboard,” she said.

Balanced Solutions in Beachwood is offering these tips and tricks online.

“We are offering several free services which include physical therapy phone and zoom video conferences to help individuals that are experiencing pain or dizziness at home. We also have a free video library created by out staff,” said Beaudoin.

To keep you in shape they are offering free live and recorded pilates, cardio sculpt, and various exercises.

“For seniors five repetitions is all that they are able to perform and younger people can do 20-30 reps,” she said.

They will even offer private video therapy sessions for those who need very specific instruction.

Here’s the website address for the free video library:

This is the Facebook page for the daily free workouts:

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