Financial First Aid: Online classes offer chance to learn new skills for free

19 News Financial First Aid: How to avoid overspending, and free online courses at your fingertips

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Americans across the country are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning or trying to learn a new skill.

Many universities have opened up some of their online courses for free.

Although students looking for a certificate after taking the courses or taking online exams do need to pay some extra fees.

Some local professors have opened up a few of their online classes to the community for free.

19 News recently visited a virtual classroom with Case Western Reserve University.

They're continuing their entrepreneurship speaker series this week and you can join in.

Check out for online class times.

Here's Michael Goldberg, Executive Director of the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship at Case Western Reserve University.

“There’s a lot of free resources out there in terms of education and training. A lot of platforms including COURSERA and EDX, two platforms focusing on higher education sort of courses. This may be the time if there’s someone looking to transition into something else and is looking to skill up or get more information, there’s a lot of free resources on the web I would encourage people to look at,” Goldberg said.

“Because if people are looking to make a job change, they may need new skills and knowledge so this may be the moment if they're at home, in-between jobs, to look at some of the resources out there,” he said.

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