Former goalie still lending a big hand

Cleveland Crunch star sending supplies to clinics

Otto Orf steps up

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Like any good goalie, Otto Orf was in perfect position.

The former Cleveland Crunch star had been sending medical supplies to clinics, locally and internationally, for years, through his HandsOnSports Foundation.

So when this latest crisis hit, he and his volunteers were ready.

“The timing couldn’t have been better,” says Orf. “For a bad situation, we were fortunate enough to have 14 or 15 pallets of supplies. We found a significant amount of the masks that are needed, and the gloves and the gowns that are needed for medical professionals to continue to work in the clinics.”

Those gloves and masks were vital in the early days of coronavirus, but they can help with more than that, and they need to, considering who they're helping out.

“We serve battered women shelters, VA hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, homeless shelters.”

Otto Orf
Otto Orf (Source: Otto Orf)

Funny how some things never change. Otto Orf, the one soccer player on his team who was always allowed to use his hands ... is once again lending a big one.

“We’re gonna keep doing it as long as we can,” says Orf. “Reaching out a hand and helping someone is always a good thing to do.”

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