Tri-C softball longing to get back on the diamond

“Tops” denied chance to return to Nationals

Tri-C title run halted

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cuyahoga Community College has a pretty good softball team. So good, that the Triceratops looking to get back to the level they were at last year- regional champions and playing in the tournament to win a national championship. “It’s very weird,” said Sophomore left fielder Breanna Musick. “I feel like I don’t have a routine anymore.”

Her routine used to be school and softball, COVID-19 has shut down both. All she can do with a softball is play catch with her roommate. It’s a long way from last year. The regional title was exciting and they had hopes of getting back this year, till the virus showed up. "It’s very disappointing because last year we went to nationals,' said sophomore center fielder Cassandra Fendrick, Musick’s roommate. "This year we were iffy on the team doing as well as we did last year. We had a lot of potential and pressure after last year. They were iffy until they went down to Florida for a tournament. They did better than expected.

“We were going down there and facing a lot of pretty tough teams. A lot of people felt like nobody believed in us,” said Musick. They did not win the tournament, but they did better than expected. “That’s when we were like ‘Wow, this team is something great.’”

Except now they won’t get a chance to prove it. They were off to a 10-2 start before COVID-19 hit. The shut down has been especially strange for Musick. When they were in Florida she tore an ACL. Because of the virus she can’t even have surgery till June. “It just feels weird, there’s nothing I can do. The doctors appointments are weird, the way things are set up, the way you have to keep your distance.” She cannot even have surgery until June. In the meantime she wears a brace.

The team has kept a good attitude through all of it. They stay in touch on a group chat, and they will use the downtime wisely. “To work on ourselves and get our bodies right and work harder and push forward and I think next year we will come out even stronger,” said Fendrick.

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