Bachie ready to tackle NFL

Brook Park native wouldn’t mind happy homecoming

Bachie ready to tackle NFL
Joe Bachie (Source: Joe Bachie)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - I don't know how the Buckeyes let Joe Bachie get away ... but I know this: he'd love to come home.

Joe Bachie
Joe Bachie (Source: Joe Bachie)

The linebacker who led Michigan State in tackles as a sophomore, and as a junior, and was doing it again as a senior, until his season was cut short, is literally from the Browns' backyard.

Brook Park.

And of course, he grew a fan.

"I did, I did," Bachie says. "I was a Cleveland fan for baseball, basketball, football ... Indians, Cavs, Browns."

So yeah, he'd love to get the call from Browns headquarters this week.

"I would love that, because I'm a Cleveland kid, through and through," Bachie says. "I'm pretty much the definition of the city of Cleveland. Hard work, chip on my shoulder. I would give this city everything I have, but you never know what's going to happen in the Draft, so you have to be ready for anything."

No doubt, it's about more than local feel-good stories. Those are a bonus. This is a business. But Bachie, who says he's been told he could go from late 3rd round to early 5th, is all about the business of football.

He missed the chance to show that to teams, in person.

"When you sit down in a room, I can talk the game, I can talk 'ball," Bachie says. "That's what separates me, my football IQ. Really, you didn't get to see that, because we gotta be smart with the virus right now. I think that would have been huge for me."

He showed that during the second half of last season, a season that was cut short when he failed a drug test for an over-the-counter supplement.

The Spartans had his back, and kept him around, in a new leadership role.

“I was a coach, basically,” Bachie says. “I was telling players what to do. Those last four or five games (he served a 5-game suspension) were tough, but I handled it the right way, graduated from Michigan State, and now I’m just trying to chase a dream.”

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